Annual General Meeting

2021 AGM

The CES-NCC virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Thursday October 28 from noon to 2pm on Zoom. Don’t miss out!

October 28

Your new Board Members will summarize last year’s accomplishments, and let you know what’s in store for this year. We have been hard at work planning exciting professional development, networking, and outreach activities for the membership! The Board will also be proposing three constitutional amendments that will help facilitate operational processes. The proposed amendments can be found in the President’s Reports.

AGM Agenda
Introduction and Welcoming Remarks
President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Karl Boudreault Award Announcement
Overview of 2021-2022 Upcoming Activities

For members who will attend the AGM, we are happy to offer an exclusive talk by Dr. Robert Shepherd (Carleton University) and Dr. Evert Lindquist (University of Victoria) on federal evaluation in a post-COVID era. The federal government (like most provincial/territorial/municipal governments) will have to reposition its budget in order to meet new realities associated with addressing the debt created by the pandemic. This presents a unique opportunity right now for the audit, evaluation and risk management communities to think about ways they can contribute to the design process around a potential programmatic or spending review exercise to inform budgetary decisions. They will present preliminary findings from discussions with federal finance officials on considerations that might enter decisions about how these reviews are framed. They will engage the audience in a discussion of the various challenges and opportunities facing these communities of practice.

The following documents are currently available for the consideration of members and/or will require approval at the AGM:

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This event is exclusive to CES-NCC members. There will be no late admissions.

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