Board of Directors

The CES-NCC Board of Directors consists of a Past-President, eleven (11) elected members, including two student members. Board members are elected by the membership, confirmed at the Annual General Meeting and serve a three-year term.

Board 2019-2020

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President – Emily Brennan
Secretary – Marie-Philippe Lemoine
Treasurer – Stephen Kester
VP Professional Development – Allysa Olding
VP Communications – Stéphanie Jolette
VP Networking – Marie-Philippe Lemoine
Memberships – John Burrett
Partnerships – Ashraful Hasan and Marc Riopel
Conference 2020 Board Liaison – Marie-Philippe Lemoine
Chapter Representative to National – Nicole Michaud
Director at large – Selma Didic
TBS ex-officio – Cédric Ménard
Special advisor on partnerships (ex-officio) – Wayne MacDonald


See work description of directors.

Emily Brennan, CES-NCC President, Senior Research Associate, PRA Inc.

Emily has served on the CES- NCC Board of Directors since 2018, and is the current chapter President. As part of her work with the Board, Emily also chaired the 2019 edition of the chapter’s flagship professional development event, the Annual Learning Event.  She is thrilled to be able to continue to work with the wonderful group of evaluators that currently makes up the CES-NCC Board of Directors.

Emily has been a private sector evaluator at PRA Inc. since 2016. In her evaluation practice, she works primarily with clients in the federal government, in a wide array of subject areas, from agriculture to space science, and economic development to official languages; and of a range of sizes and complexity. Through her work, she brings together her training in agricultural economics (focussing on efficiency analysis) with experience in a wide variety of qualitative methods developed through work in policy analysis and evaluation.

Marie-Philippe Lemoine, Secretary and VP Networking for CES-NCC

Marie-Philippe is the Secretary and VP Networking for CES-NCC, and the Chapter’s Liaison on the C2021 Organizing Committee. She is a bilingual consultant and program evaluator with Goss Gilroy Inc. Since joining the evaluation community in 2017, Marie-Philippe has participated in a wide variety of evaluation projects across subject matter areas, with organizations in the public and non-profit sectors. Marie-Philippe joined the CES-NCC Board of Directors in 2018, and has since had the pleasure to organize various networking events for members, including activities for young and emerging evaluators. Marie-Philippe volunteers on the Board as a way to give back to the professional community. She aims to provide CES-NCC members with relevant, stimulating and fun opportunities to connect.

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Stephen Kester, Treasurer
Stephen Kester is an Independent Evaluation and Management Consultant with expertise in the conduct of evaluations, and the development of results-based management frameworks and theories of change for international and Canadian organizations.

Recent assignments include the development of a Global Results Framework and Theory of Change for the Netherlands funded PROSPECTS partnership with 3 UN agencies, the World Bank and IFC to support forcibly displaced populations and their host communities,  an evaluation of a 10 month public policy training and mentoring program funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation in Portugal and ongoing support to the Asian Development Bank in developing results frameworks and theories of change for the priorities outlined in their Strategy 2030.

Stephen retired from the Canadian Public Service in 2018 where he had served as the Director of Evaluation at Global Affairs Canada for 11 years. Prior to joining the Public Service in 2002, Stephen worked extensively in the field of international development using his knowledge of program evaluation, results-based management and performance measurement for program improvements.  He worked in Sri Lanka for five years as the Program Advisor to the Sri Lanka Canada Development Fund and for seven years with an Ottawa based international development NGO.

Stephen holds a Master in Business Administration degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

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Allysa Olding, VP Professional Development

Allysa Olding is an evaluator with the Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Joint Honours in Political Science and Gender Studies from the University of Ottawa, and a Masters of Arts in Public Administration from Carleton University.

Allysa is passionate about qualitative research methods, cultivating a diverse and inclusive evaluation community, and supporting knowledge exchange between those in the evaluation profession. Allysa currently serves as the VP Professional Development for the CES-NCC Chapter Board of Directors. This is Allysa’s first term on the CES-NCC board.

Stephanie Jolette – VP Communications

Stephanie Jolette has worked as an evaluator in both the private and public sector for the last five years. She started her career in program evaluation when she joined Prairie Research Associates (PRA Inc) as a Research Associate in 2015. During this time, Stephanie acquired significant experience in program evaluation and contributed to well over 20 evaluations and research projects in various areas related to justice, space science and technology, social development, health, and official languages, etc. This experience provided her the opportunity to work with a wide range of federal departments as well as non-profit organizations.

Since 2019, Stephanie has joined the Office of Audit and Evaluation at the Public Health Agency of Canada / Health Canada as a Program Evaluation Analyst. In this role, she supports evaluation work within the federal health portfolio and continues to contribute to a number of projects in this area.

In addition to her work experience, prior to being elected as the VP of Communications, Stephanie sat on the CES-NCC Board as a non-voting member, assisting her predecessor with a variety of tasks such as developing a communications strategy and ensuring an active presence on the chapter’s social media platforms. She has also provided support in organizing past CES-NCC events such as the Annual Learning Event (ALE) in 2019.

Stephanie Jolette holds an MA in International Development and Globalization from the University of Ottawa (2014).

John Burrett, Memberships

John Burrett has worked in evaluation, along with other related policy and research work, for thirty years, as a staff evaluator/analyst and as an independent consultant. His evaluation and performance measurement work has spanned many fields, from housing and social services through technology research and development and organizational effectiveness. John has been engaged in every part of an evaluation, but has concentrated in particular in the development of logic models and evaluation planning, stressing that more effort in the conceptualizing and planning of a project leads to fewer difficulties and better results “down the line”.

John’s most recent work in evaluation has been focused on two areas in particular. One focus has been on improving how we report evaluation findings and other information to managers and to the public. A key component of this is the effective presentation of data. This has lead to offerings of instruction and practice to evaluators and others involved in policy and research, via training courses and numerous conference presentations, including those of the CES. John’s second more recent focus has been on the development of practical means to employ network analysis in program evaluation and policy research.

John manages his own practice as Haiku Analytics Inc, and provides training on effective reporting and presentation of data with visual methods via Intersol Group, Ottawa.

Ashraful Hasan, Partnerships

Ever ask yourself, “Am I making a difference?”

It’s an important question and the answer matters – not just to you, but to your clients, board members, and investors. It’s not enough to have a successful product or service; businesses today are expected to be ethical, sustainable as well as profitable. That means helping human beings and the environment without sacrificing your bottom line. Not sure how to make that happen? As an entrepreneur, a social impact analyst, and a change management consultant, Ashraful Hasan is doing exactly that.

As the founder and CEO of Impactrio – Ashraful is a conduit for impact measurement and management to help organizations factor social impacts into their organizational performance.  He works to strengthen an organization’s ability to strategize, deliver sustainability management, and demonstrate these values to stakeholders.  Ashraful has dedicated over a decade to leading impact evaluation and changed initiatives both domestically and internationally and built a roster of experiences and networks in various fields including education, government, and private firms,  and not-for-profit.

A certified sustainability professional (CSR-P) and a GRI G4 reporter, his professional interests and expertise include Gamification and human-centred design thinking, change management, and up-to-date techniques of evaluation such as Social Return on Investment (SROI), Collective Impact (CI), Social Network Analysis, Well-being Analysis, etc.  He is currently serving as a member of the board of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) – NCC. He also has an MA in International Economics and Finance from Ryerson University.

Marc Riopel, Partnerships

Marc has worked in program evaluation in the federal government for 13 years. He hold a Ph.D. in history. He currently works as evaluation manager in the Audit and Evaluation Branch of the Department of Natural Resources Canada, carrying out the evaluation of scientific and economic programs. Previously, Marc worked in a few federal departments where he led and carried out program evaluation projects in the fields of national defense and the armed forces; Aboriginals and the Canadian North including the Inuit; classroom and online learning for federal public servants; as well as performance audit projects in environment and education for First Nations. Marc also has extensive experience as a consultant in applied social and historical research, obtained in working with community organizations and non-profit organizations. He thus planned and carried out the evaluation of psychosocial intervention programs in the field of health and social services, reaching various clienteles such as the elderly, adolescents and Inuit. As a historian, Marc has published around fifteen books and brochures on local and regional history. In addition, he has experience in managing the board of directors of non-profit organizations, having served as a director in the fields of history, heritage, culture, music and young people without employment.

Nicole Michaud, Chapter Representative to National

Nicole Michaud is currently Manager, Compliance Monitoring at Parks Canada Agency, developing monitoring frameworks and indicators to assess compliance, developing training for agile project management as well as leading a review of human resources management. She has over fifteen years of experience in the field of evaluation, performance measurement and project management, and has held previously numerous positions in program design/delivery and administration at ECCC, SSHRC, NSERC and the Canada Council for the Arts. Her experience includes the management of large and complex evaluations of research funding programs targeted at international and Canadian researchers, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students.  Nicole holds a Master’s degree in Project Management from the Université du Québec en Outaouais, and has also been a regular presenter at past CES annual conferences.

Selma Didic, Director at large

Selma Didic leads the development, implementation and reporting of CFHI’s results framework, including CFHI’s Performance Measurement Framework and CFHI’s corporate dashboard. She manages and oversees the tracking of metrics to measure CFHI’s progress in achieving its strategic objectives and analyzes data to tell the story of impact CFHI’s work is having. Selma has also led evaluations for CFHI’s healthcare quality improvement collaboratives and provides advice and support to internal program teams across CFHI to develop and implement their evaluation frameworks. Selma has designed and conducted qualitative and quantitative research in a variety of settings for over ten years. She has published on topics such as economic growth, healthcare and travel and tourism. She is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and in the process of obtaining her credentialed evaluator designation. Selma’s background is in economics (MA) and international development.

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Cédric Ménard, TBS ex-officio

Cédric Ménard is a highly motivated professional evaluator who believes in results-based, innovative, collaborative, adaptable, diverse and ethical public service. He is intrigued by program evaluation theory and the use of data in decision-making processes.

Since 2019, Cedric has been working as a Senior Results Policy and Functional Community Engagement Advisor within the Results Division at Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada. Furthermore, he has acquired over 10 years of experience in performance measurement, program evaluation, data analysis by having complete several evaluator and analyst roles for Health Canada, Canada School of Public Service and Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat.

Cédric’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Program Evaluation and Public Administration from the École nationale de l’administration publique and an International bachelor program diploma from the Institut d’études politiques de Paris.

In 2019, he joined the National Capital Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society as an ex-officio board member as Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat representative.

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CES NCC Board Nominations are closed

Mark your Calendars! The CES-NCC Board of Directors elections will take place online on May 18-22, 2020. The electronic ballot will be sent out to all CES-NCC members and will include the names of all successful candidates along with their summary of interest and curriculum vitae.

Interested in a rewarding experience? Join the Board of Directors for our National Capital Chapter (NCC). It’s an opportunity to make a difference in our local Evaluation Community! You are invited to nominate yourself for a position on the NCC Board. There are five positions open this year. The term of office is for three years, July 1st, 2020 – June 30, 2023.
The CES-NCC Board is a ‘Working Board’ where each member takes on some aspects of the services delivered to NCC Members (e.g. networking, membership, partnership). We meet for roughly 2 hours once a month (during lunch time) to discuss ideas for services, review progress on our plans and manage the business of the Chapter. This is an excellent chance to network with your Board colleagues. Board members are also expected to contribute to specific services delivered to NCC members. While we engage administrative support for logistical matters, the Board member will be involved in planning and coordinating events or activities related to networking, professional development and communicating with members. The amount of time varies and may be more intense at certain times of the year.
You can find a list and brief biography for the current Board at the CES-NCC Board Page. We strive to have the Board represent our membership to the degree possible and encourage those employed in Government, in the Non Profit sector, Academia and as Consultants to stand for election.
Volunteering to be a member of the Board of Directors is your opportunity to directly influence the decisions of our local Chapter and National Council, as well as contribute to the field of evaluation. Nominations close April 27, 2020 and are followed by an electronic election in May 2020.
Nominations (in either French or English) must be submitted electronically and include:
  1. The nomination form with two (2) supporting signatures from CES-NCC members;
  2. A brief (maximum 2 page) summary of your interest and experience in evaluation, and a statement of what you hope to contribute to the Board, and;
  3. Your curriculum vitae
Complete and return (with attachments) to: