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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Fund

Open to CES-NCC members who are from underrepresented groups or sectors, the Fund will help to cover costs associated with participating in CES-NCC professional development events including training sessions, webinars, and the essential skills series.

More information about the Fund is available on the Fund’s application form.

Essential Skills Series

Dates Series Location Link
April 11 to June 2, 2022 Federal Government Focused Online Click here to read more and to register

April 11 to June 2, 2022

Online using CES National’s e-Institute online platform

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This facilitated online Essential Skills Series will take place as a 10-week session, starting April 11 to June 2, 2022. This session will be facilitated by Steve Montague of the Performance Management Network.


We will be limiting group size to 25 to ensure maximum benefit to participants. This online session will make use of CES National’s e-Institute online platform and will be complemented with live group discussions and a roster of guest speakers addressing relevant topics tailored to meet the community’s interests and needs.

The live session component, which we in NCC are specially adding, will be spaced to address modules as the group goes through the course (i.e., 5 or 6 one-hour sessions, app. every 2 weeks) providing information relevant to participating evaluators plus shared materials beyond the e-institute references. These will be confirmed during the first session scheduled in the week of April 11. Sessions will be recorded and posted so that participants can access them anytime, if they cannot make a live session.

The facilitator will also communicate directly with students weekly via emails and over the course of approximately 7 assignments throughout the 10-week period. Note also that there is no grading in this course, but students will be asked to do quizzes associated with each self-study module.

It is recommended that students keep up with the assignments weekly so that they can be discussed in class. Specific extra materials will be sent to participants (suited to their needs). The facilitator will also be able to respond to direct requests by single students or small groups via email and, if required, via short live consultation.

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The Essential Skills Series was completely re-designed in 2014 by the Canadian Evaluation Society incorporating state-of-the-art thinking and modern adult learning principles.

Prior knowledge of evaluation, or of social science research methods, is not required, and this course is geared towards individuals who are new to evaluation. On completion, participants to this four-day course will be equipped to enter and participate in the evaluation field and to develop as evaluation professionals. Graduates will be able to describe in basic terms 28 core evaluation concepts – from the uses and benefits of evaluation through common data collection methods to evaluation ethics and standards – and will gain elementary experience in six core practices – from creating logic models to writing findings statements.

Here’s an overview of the topics discussed in this course:

  • Foundations of evaluation
  • Evaluation objectives and roles
  • Program profiling
  • Evaluation questions
  • Evaluation indicators
  • Common research methods
  • Evaluation design
  • Data collection
  • Data management and analysis
  • Synthesizing evidence
  • Communicating evaluation findings