About the CES-NCC

We welcome you to the CES-NCC – the largest of 12 regional chapters of the Canadian Evaluation Society. The CES-NCC is a bilingual association, representing approximately  440 members; including 95 designated Credentialed Evaluators (CE). Chapter membership involves professionals from the government sector (62%), the private sector (23%), and social sector (15% including the non-profit and sector and the education), all located within a 50 kilometer radius of Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

The overall goals of the Canadian Evaluation Society are to:

  • Provide leadership to individuals and organizations in support of evaluation theory and practice in Canada and in the global community.
  • Improve the state of evaluation theory and practice.
  • Promote the importance of an evaluation culture.
  • Promote and facilitate the enhancement of evaluation capacity for individuals and organizations.

In addition to supporting National CES objectives, CES-NCC undertakes a number of activities and events to support CES members of the National Capital. These include meetings, seminars, breakfast sessions, networking events, professional development activities and other events where the members of the Chapter may meet others who are working in, studying or using the products of Program Evaluation.

A promotional brochure of the CES-NCC is available for download.

For more information, browse this Website or contact the CES-NCC secretariat at 613-722-2270 ext. 216 or nccsecretariat@evaluationcanada.ca.