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Yosra Salem

Independent evaluator

I have international experience having worked for the International Red Cross in Syria, Lebanon, Zimbabwe and Egypt. I have also worked in Canada with OXFAM Canada, and the Canadian Red Cross. I have a background in political science and have recently earned a Public Policy and Program Evaluation graduate degree from Carleton University. My most recent work in the evaluation field includes carrying out an evaluation for the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre, as well as an ongoing evaluation for the Carleton University Academic Advancement and Career Alignment Certificate. These experiences have greatly enhanced my interest in the field of program evaluation, which is why I also volunteered to become a member of the CES-NCC Board. I see this as an opportunity to connect with professionals from the field and contribute to the advancement of evaluation practices.

Drawing upon my international and domestic experiences, as well as my expertise in program evaluation, I aim to contribute to the implementation of activities that address the Board’s core challenges. My experience managing complex projects in volatile and challenging contexts, and my outreach and networking skills, will help me work effectively with all board members to implement activities. Moreover, my skills in data collection, analysis, and strategic planning will serve me well in ensuring alignment with the Board’s objectives. I hope to leverage my experiences to help foster an inclusive, effective, and conducive environment within CES.

Yosra Salem CV


Maria Reyes

Advisor, Treasury Board Secretariat

I graduated with a Master in Public Administration, where I chose the Management Concentration as it contained evaluation courses such as Impact Evaluation, Cost Benefit Analysis, etc. I have worked for provincial governments in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba as an evaluator, manager and Director of Evaluation in areas like health, social services, and economic development, as well as in central agencies like the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Social Innovation Office. I am currently working with the federal government in horizontal program reviews with the Treasury Board Secretariat, where we evaluate bundles of programs that have similar target populations or themes. I was a member of the CES Manitoba Chapter Board and its representative to the CES National Board.

I bring passion for evaluation and experience in evaluation of the federal and provincial levels. I possess strong organizational and communication skills that would be beneficial in coordinating events, workshops, and other initiatives aimed at promoting evaluation, best practices and professional development opportunities for members. Whether it’s assisting with strategic planning, connecting with other organizations, representing the chapter at the national Board, or helping plan events, I am eager to contribute my time and efforts to help the chapter thrive.

Maria Reyes CV


Mahmoud Rahim

Evaluator, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

I currently work as an Evaluator at Agriculture and Agri Food Canada and I recently completed a 13 month practicum at Statistics Canada as a Program Evaluation Consultant. For the past 18 months, I have been the student representative to the CES-NCC board and I represented both the CES-NCC and Carleton University in areas of mutual interest relating to advancing the field of Evaluation. I recently completed the Graduate Diploma in Public Policy and Program Evaluation at Carleton University, and I hold a Master of Public Administration from Queen’s University. My evaluation-related skills that I think I would benefit the CES-NCC Board would be in mediation, negotiation, policy analysis, event management, and relationship building.

I hope to contribute to the board by bringing forth my energy and passion for the field of evaluation and directing it towards advancing the profession of evaluation. My goal would be to build bridges between CES-NCC and other organizations and people who may not be familiar with evaluation and the work we do. I hope to continue in my Strategic Partnerships portfolio and complete negotiations in the partnerships agreements that are currently in progress between the CES-NCC and external organizations.

Mahmoud Rahim CV


Julie Eldridge

Evaluator, Indigenous Services Canada

I am a self-motivated, cheerful and driven public servant with an interest and experience in evaluation, Indigenous, Northern and gender matters. I hold a BA Honours from Trent University with the Joint Major in Political Studies and Sociology, and graduated from Concordia University’s Masters in Public Policy and Public Administration. My experience in customer service has resulted in excellent communication and interpersonal skills, while my work experience in the federal government has fostered my ability to skillfully analyze problems, understand causes, and create solutions. For four of my seven years in the federal public service, I have worked in evaluation, focusing on reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. Coming from a rural town and having lived in various places across Canada, I understand the importance of building cohesion amongst people who have diverse and different experiences through shared visions for the future.

As someone who has fallen in love with evaluation, I recognize the importance and value that professional organizations bring and I hope to foster new evaluators’ passions in this field. I bring experience engaging with Indigenous communities and organizations, and have a broad network across the country. I have experience working in volunteer board positions and can promote events, manage finances and follow or improve governance structures. I am a social person and want to create a lasting experience for the board, that extends its benefits to the CES-NCC membership.

Julie Eldridge CV