Our community

Who Are We? What Do We Expect? How Do We Connect?

In 2018, the CES National Capital Chapter (NCC) Board launched, under the leadership of Wayne MacDonald, a new initiative focusing on chapter membership and partnership. The objective is to develop three-year strategies for each. Existing data was used in a secondary analysis. For example, despite quality limitations, CES membership data is a rich information source on the characteristics of the Chapter. The SCAN provides precision around the demographic and professional characteristics of the NCC Chapter. Expectations and preferences were documented using two membership surveys, both conducted by CES National and NCC in 2016. The membership and survey data support sections entitled “Who Are We?” and “What Do We Expect?” They also provided interpretive information to the network analysis in “How Do We Connect?” Here, the SCAN examined patterns observable in members’ attendance at CES-NCC events and National Conferences that could suggest member interests and point to potentially influential chapter members.

Members’ need Assesment

In 2009 the CES-NCC Board contracted Circum Network Inc. to provide the Board with updated information on the professional needs of our members so that it could inform the development of member service strategies. In May 2010, the report was presented to the Board.