In 2021, the CES-NCC Board created the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) and Sustainability portfolio, with a view to offering EDI professional development opportunities, finding ways to reduce the environmental impact associated with our events, and developing an EDI and Sustainability commitment.

Among the different initiatives underway, the board created the Learning Opportunity Fund, offering financial support to cover up to 80% of cover costs associated with participating in CES-NCC professional development events including training sessions, webinars, and the essential skills series. More information about the Fund, eligibility requirements and how to apply is available on the Fund’s application form.

We are also working closely with the CES National committee to align efforts regarding how to integrate and embrace EDI and Sustainability principles in all our activities and events.

We would love to hear our members’ perspectives about EDI and Sustainability. Are there specific activities or initiatives you would like to see the Board undertake? Do you have a speaker you want to hear from on these topics? Would you like to contribute to this portfolio as a volunteer? We encourage you to join the conversation and share any suggestions by emailing us at cesnccboard@gmail.com.