Skills Reimagined: Leading with Learning

In this keynote, we will explore the transformational potential of evaluation, emphasizing the promises of open dialogue about successes and failures and how it can take our policies, programs and practices to the next level. We will discuss real case examples where we have seen organizations fostering a culture of learning and improvement in organizations, integrating mixed approaches for generating insights about skill development, and the importance of innovative partnerships that put learning and evaluation at the beginning, middle, and end of effective interventions. It is a journey towards reshaping how we approach skills development and education to meet future challenges in Canada.

Pedro Barata, Executive Director, Future Skills Centre
Pedro Barata is Executive Director of the Future Skills Centre, a forward-thinking hub dedicated to researching, testing, evaluating and building innovative skills solutions to help job seekers and employers in Canada navigate labour market changes.

Grounded in a commitment to inclusion, Pedro has advised all levels of government on social & economic policy and implementation related to skills and workforce development, poverty reduction, income security reform, seeking breakthroughs on housing and homelessness, and immigration reform.

Pedro’s work and extensive volunteer activities in the non-profit sector span two decades, focused on impact strategies, public policy, community building and communications. His career path has traveled through United Way Greater Toronto, the Atkinson Foundation, Family Service Toronto, Social Planning Toronto and the City of Toronto.

Pedro holds a Bachelor of Arts from York University and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Toronto.