Karl Boudreault Award for Leadership in Evaluation

In memory of Karl Boudreault, we are looking to recognize those who have made a significant contribution to our evaluation community and have demonstrated leadership at local, national and/or international levels. Do you know a CES-NCC member (individual or group involving a team of evaluators) with demonstrated success in:

  1. Mentoring, coaching and teaching evaluation, or
  2. Building strong evaluation community networks, or
  3. Service to the Chapter or Chapter events, or
  4. Innovative and constructive thinking and contributions to the work of evaluation.

You may nominate an individual or group by completing the form and e-mailing it with a copy of the nominee’s CV to [email protected]. The next award will be presented at the CES-NCC breakfast session at the beginning of the new year. See the policy and process for recognizing leaders in our community. You have until December 22, 2017 to submit nominations.

We have been honoring a member from the CES-NCC annually with this prestigious award. Past recipients have included:

  • Isabelle Bourgeois
  • Jennifer Birch-Jones
  • Martine Perrault
  • Alexandra Dagger
  • Shelley Borys
  • Heather Buchanan
  • Gerry Cooney
  • Brad Cousins
  • François Dumaine
  • Benoît Gauthier
  • Katherine Graham
  • Michel Laurendeau
  • Steve Montague
  • Nancy Porteous

Thank you for taking the time to recognize the leaders among us!

Jane Whynot
President, National Capital Chapter
Canadian Evaluation Society