CES-NCC virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The CES-NCC virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place on Tuesday October 20 from noon to 2pm on Zoom. Don’t miss out!

Your new Board Members will summarize last year’s accomplishments, and let you know what’s in store for this year. We have been hard at work planning exciting professional development, networking, and outreach activities for the membership!

AGM Agenda
Introduction and Welcoming Remarks
President’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Karl Boudreault Award Announcement
Overview of 2020-2021 Upcoming Activities

The following documents are currently available for the consideration of members and/or will require approval at the AGM:

The AGM will include an exclusive talk by Ashraful Hasan and Steve Montague on Evaluation in the age of COVID-19. 

Download Presentation Here

Why people should attend:

Pandemic restrictions have profoundly affected both the subjects of evaluation (the evaluands) and the practice of doing the evaluation. Traditional evaluation approaches to program profiling (including program theories + logic models),  formulating questions, designing approaches and sharing-reporting results were evolving quickly even before the pandemic. Now changes seem imperative.

What will be discussed:

Steve Montague and Ashraful Hassan – representing different generations of evaluators – will come together to share perceptions, views and possible approaches to evaluating in pandemic times and beyond.  They will be sharing and provoking participant input and conversations on:

  • Evaluation and its potential role + use in public policy, planning, management and operations  going forward
  • Key mental models to drive evaluation in these times – and how to translate them into practical approaches
  • Insights on some specific promising practices and approaches

What participants should take away from the session:

Insights on the role of evaluation and evaluative thinking in areas of public management relevant to members in the National Capital Region

Exposure to some emerging (and some re-emerging) approaches, tools and techniques

Practical take-away references for immediate follow-up and use in our respective evaluation practices

To register, simply email nccsecretariat@evaluationcanada.ca.
This event is exclusive to CES-NCC members. There will be no late admissions.