C1: Elevate your Evaluations: Mastering Triangulation for Rapid, Impactful Results!

Are you feeling lost in converting your evaluation data into a coherent storyline? Do you wish you knew how to better set up your data that would make triangulation easier? Or perhaps you are seeking methods to expedite the triangulation process so that you can deliver results to your clients more quickly. If you resonate with any of these challenges, join us for an exclusive Masterclass on triangulation!

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Data Set Up: Gain insights on setting up your data in a way that will simplify the triangulation process.
  • Expedited Findings: Discover techniques to provide you with the ability to deliver evidence-based findings and recommendations efficiently!
  • Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned experts who will share best practices and lessons learned to help you elevate your evaluation game!


François Dumaine, Partner, PRA Inc.
François Dumaine brings passion and commitment to the research assignments he leads, which are largely focussed on program evaluation. A lawyer with graduate studies in political science, François supports decision-makers in the public and non-government sectors. Over the past two decades, he has had the opportunity to address a wide range of subject matters, involving local, regional, national and international stakeholders.

As a practitioner, François has been actively engaged in program evaluation, exploring innovative ways to bridge theory and practice. He is a Credentialed Evaluator, former National President and Fellow of the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) and former Chair of the CES Educational Fund. He has published in peer-reviewed journals on program evaluation and regularly delivers professional development activities in this field.

Susanna Beaudin, Senior Research Manager, PRA Inc.
Susanna Beaudin, senior research manager at PRA Inc., is a bilingual credentialed evaluated with several years of experience in program evaluation. She has been involved in dozens of evaluations for federal departments and agencies, as well as for organizations in the not-for-profit sectors. She works primarily on projects focused on gender-based violence, GBA Plus, public safety, justice, official languages, and the environment.

Susanna has a Master’s degree in International Affairs (specialization in conflict analysis and resolution) for Carleton University, and a Bachelor’s degree with Joint Honours in Political Science and History from McGill University. She is the current President of the CES-NCC Board.