CES 2021 Conference

Message from the 2021 Co-Chairs

Warmest welcome from Jennifer Birch-Jones (pronouns: she/her/hers) and Benoît Gauthier (he/him/his), co-chairs of the 2021 Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) Conference! We are excited to invite you to our virtual conference proceedings on May 10, 12, and 14, 2021 and our virtual workshops from May 3 to 7, 2021.

Since launching our conference planning efforts, the world has changed and we have had to adapt. In light of the important public health issues we continue to face and our commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of our activities, we (CES, C2021 and the CES-NCC Host Chapter) decided to postpone the 2020 CES conference to the Spring of 2021 and to transform it into a virtual event. Our volunteers have been very hard at work planning for a successful first ever virtual event that is relevant, engaging, stimulating, and welcoming.

The CES annual conference should be a key moment in the lives of Canadian evaluators. Now more than ever, it is a time to take stock, to reflect, to debate, to challenge, to learn, to connect, and to reconnect. In 2021, we will also be welcoming evaluators from Latin America, from the United States and from around the world to enrich our conversations, and expand our connections through renewing acquaintances and making new ones with our evaluation colleagues.

We cannot thank enough our volunteers who remain committed to making C2021 a tremendous success. See you in May 2021!



Over the past 40 years, our notions of evaluation use – what it is, who is it for, and what constitutes success – have evolved, but critically important questions remain; just how comprehensive is evaluation use and what more can and should we be doing to enhance use? To explore this further with evaluation colleagues from the North, Central, and South Americas and around the world, join us at the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) 2021 Virtual Conference!

You will leave C2021 with new ideas and practices to share with your colleagues and apply in your work, as well as an expanded evaluation network to support and sustain you.


The C2021 organizing team is pleased to advise all interested in the conference of the following milestones. It is our intention to follow closely these milestone dates to help both delegates and our organizational committee to plan and prepare accordingly.

Communication with all stakeholders about the new date and processes: March 24, 2020 ✓

Publication of proposal guidelines: October 12, 2020 ✓

Proposal period launch: October 19, 2020 

Proposal period close: November 8, 2020 

Firm Yeses decision issued: December 6, 2020 

All program confirmed (initial documentation available): January 24, 2021 

Early-bird registration opened: February 1, 2021 

Regular registration opened: April 12, 2021

Conference platform available: April 12, 2021

Final delegate guide finalized (pdf): April 26, 2021

Workshop registration closed: April 28, 2021

Conference registration closed: May 5, 2021


For more information, please go to https://c2021.evaluationcanada.ca/.